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At this stage we are not producing a third 'Weekend Warriors' title as the production of 'Bitch'n Bitumen' is taking up all of our time. That does not mean we don't want to hear about any new locations.
If you have a favourite riding spot don't keep it a secret, spread the joy. Contact us and let us know where it is and what it's like. We still love to get out to new places and who knows...... If we find enough new places to ride, we just might have to produce a third edition later down the line.

Are you kicking yourself because you didn’t advertise in Weekend Warriors 1 or 2? Then don't miss out on our future productions.

For further information on advertising and sponsorship email us or call ROOST INDUSTRIES on:
Ph: 03 9876 0069 or
Mob: 0417 106 903


For trade enquiries, please contact ROOST INDUSTRIES.