Jake Haddad  
I spent my youth living all over the world and I guess it wasn’t until I returned to Melbourne when I was 11 that I developed a healthy interest for sports like skateboarding and BMX riding. I was heavily into riding ramp and freestyle BMX until the age of 15 when I discovered surfing. With my half pipe experience I quickly adapted and when my Father moved to a house in Queenscliff I was suddenly given easy access to breaks such as Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove.

Surfing became my true calling until a knee injury obtained by playing indoor cricket put me on shore for a whole year when I was 19. I tried for some time to get back into the surf after that but never really managed to pull it off and was left looking for something else “exciting” to do with my spare time.

Sure enough my love for fast cars quickly stemmed into a love for the two-wheeled machines and I bought my first road bike, a ZZR 250, when I was 19. A ZXR 750 and a Harley Davidson later and I grew tired of trying to extract the thrill I used to get from surfing out of riding road bikes while also trying to avoid “idiot drivers” and police.

I then discovered snowboarding and have pursued the sport aggressively for the past 10 years. It has taken me to France, New Zealand and many snowfields in Victoria and New South Wales. It is definitely a favorite of mine but unfortunately it is seasonal so I was still left with 8 months of the year looking for something more.

A few years back, a friend said to me “Why don’t you have a go on a trail bike?". And do you know what? I didn’t have an answer. The next weekend I hired a WR 200 and he took me to Narbethong. I was hooked. I must have hired a bike once a fortnight until I eventually saved up for a ’98 XR 250. After a month on this bike I knew I wanted a bit more grunt so I traded my XR for a ’00 KTM 520 EXC and haven’t looked back. Since then I have ridden a lot of bikes and because of my knee injury have found the button start to be essential. I'm currently on a Yamaha WR450 and absolutely loving it!

I am now 32 and I’m the type of person that likes to dive into new things and trail bike riding is no acceptation. I have ridden a few motorcross tracks and don’t mind them but my heart lies with the freedom of riding the open trail. This has taken Shaun and myself (who believe it or not I actually met in the bush) to many places around Melbourne, which has resulted in us becoming tour guides for all our friends who love to ride. But I don’t mind…….Not one bit.

Click here to download the vid of me riding in the 05 Motorcycle Expo Enduro Cross media race, or 'right click' & 'save as' to save file to your computer.
This is a high res file and is around 90mb so it will take a around 10 mins to download with high speed internet connection.