Shaun Reed  

I grew up living on the Gold Coast and to tell you the truth I didn’t quite cut it at school. But when it came to sport I was right up there, representing my year in athletics in both primary and high school. At age fourteen I placed in the top ten for Australia, racing BMX’s, where I learned a lot of the skills that I use in the bush today. Being so close to the beach I developed a love for surfing which extended for 15 years. I have also been a professional break-dancer supporting acts such as Rocksteady crew, Snap, and 2 In A Room.

In the year of 93’ I decided to head south for an adventure. I met some new friends and ended up living on the beach in Manly. One day they sat me down and talked me into going snowboarding (Yeah! As if I would take much convincing) and I haven’t looked back since. After 2 years in Sydney I moved further south to Melbourne and I found out why they say Melbourne is the one of the worlds most livable cities. I mean, Sydney is a beautiful place but I will always call Melbourne home.

My Father bought me my first dirt bike when I was eleven. It was an XR75 bored out to an 80 and a whole lot of fun. Since then I’ve owned more dirt bikes and road bikes than you could poke a stick at, and had years of enjoyment. I’m now 33 years of age and my occupation as a DJ/Producer gives me plenty of time to ride during the week. It’s great, you get the tracks to yourself, thus reducing the possibility of a head-on. Which can mean only one thing………. Full throttle!

I currently own a CR250 that has been set up for trail and I have no problem (bar the lack of fuel) with riding it in the bush, you just can’t beat that 2-stoke punch! I love motor-cross tracks, jumps and big air, but I also love riding full noise down a fast winding track set in postcard picture surroundings. Dirt bikes are a big part of my life and riding in the bush seems somehow therapeutic, releasing all my stresses and rejuvenating me, not to mention the fitness bonuses. When you ride some of the places we’ve ridden, you’ll know what I mean. As the fish fella’ would say……… “Absolutely magnificent!”