Since Weekend Warriors I was released in 2002 we at Roost Industries have had the pleasure of reading many glowing reports by way of feedback received from our readers and for that we are eternally grateful. Along with the compliments came a number of criticisms, which we do appreciate and I believe we have addressed adequately and improved on in Weekend Warriors II. There was however, one particular objection that we were presented with on a couple of occasions and that was "Why do the books have to have ads?"

The reason for this is that WWI & II are only Victorian released books, which means our expected return on sales is nowhere near that of a book that would be released nationally. This in turn means the shelf price is higher than usual, like a local fishing book, and we are very much reliant on our sponsors and advertisers for financial backing. Basically, the more sponsors and advertisers that lend us their support, the better the end product we can produce for you, the reader. The advertising does not in any way take up space that would otherwise be used to provide you with relevant information. In fact it gives us the opportunity to bring you even more.

So the next time you turn to a page with ads on it, try to think about your local dealer or parts shop that has invested money with us in order to bring you a better product. Sure they're get something in return, but I can remember on more than one occasion when we were walking in off the street and trying to sell ad space in WWI, an ad would be placed with us purely on the grounds that the owner of the store thought the book was a good idea and would benefit the industry along with all riders.

The fact is that many people in the industry welcomed us with open arms, donating their time, money and support to a level that has humbled all of us here at Roost Industries and helped us turn a good idea into a great production. Therefore we would like to express our utmost thanks and gratitude to all our sponsors and advertisers for their unsurpassed support and commitment over the past two years.

Thank you!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor send us an email, we'd love to hear from you!